crazy brick mover2

'Crazy brick mover' from Glasgow Caledonian University have fought off tough competition to become the MERIT University Tournament 2023 Champions.

The inaugural Tournament saw 14 teams from 8 Universities across 5 countries initially compete over 6 rounds to qualify for the Final.

crazy brick mover1The four finalist teams: 'UMN Gopher 1' (University of Minnesota), 'BlueSkies' (National University of Singapore), 'Legends Never Die' (The University of Manchester) and 'Crazy brick mover' (Glasgow Caledonian University), then competed over a further 6 rounds to find the 2023 Champion.

With a close match in the initial Periods of the Final, Crazy brick mover's decsisons proved to be the winning strategy as they slowly increased their lead over the remaining rounds of the game.

Xiaoyuan Xu, Yuxiao Lin, Yuan Ou and Zixiang Xu, the team members of the winning team 'Crazy Brick mover', share a cash prize of £2000

Congratulations to all the Finalists, and all those that took part in the MERIT University Tournament 2023.


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dice fall

After a brief pause, we start afresh for the MERIT University Tournament 2023 Final as four teams; Crazy Brick Movers (Glasgow Caledonian University), Legends Never Die (The University of Manchester), BlueSkies (National University of Singapore) and UMN Gopher 1 (University of Minnesota) are all competing to become the 2023 Champions in a truly international Final.

The Final is more exciting and we’re looking forward to it probably more than the competitors because it comes with some tension. Starting with two familiar Early Year rounds to ease the teams back in, the game will then transition into the 'Final Years' for a much more competitive play. This increase in competitivity has in the past found the limitations in the strategies of quite a few teams!

Good luck to the Finalists, let's roll those dice!


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all done

The last round in the early phase saw the same teams at the top. The only difference in ranking was one Glasgow Caledonian team 'It takes four' jumped over another GCal team 'JIT Engineering Company' to move up one place to fourth while 'JIT Engineering Company' slipped back to fifth. It looks like it was the decisions of 'JIT Engineering Company' that cost them their place as their improvement was -3%.

GCal's 'Crazy Brick Movers' stayed ahead of Manchester's 'Legends never Die' and Manchester's 'Greenfield' had a poor improvement of -3% but just managed to say ahead of 'It takes four' who had the best improvement of this round with10%. NUS's 'Blue Skies' held sixth place and Minnesota's 'UMN Gopher 1' remained in seventh.

Next are the final rounds!

With increased competitivity the Final is likely to be an exciting affair and we're looking forward to it.


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