MERIT 2020 - Someone has pressed shuffle on the Mix-tape

The top teams have once again re-arrange themselves, but this time Atkins India Three Musketeers…

MERIT 2020 - A little shuffle at the top

A little shuffling at the top six see Atkin India's ASTHRA and Three Musketeers joining…

MERIT 2020 - Announcement

The current situation with the Coronavirus is impacting everyone's lives and businesses around the world.…

MERIT 2020 - Big Jumps, but what about the landing

As the Early Years reaches its half-way point, there have been some Big Jumps at…

MERIT 2020 - The stabilizers are still on

The stabilizers are still on as positions shuffle at the top. As teams from Atkins…

MERIT 2020 - Rise and Fall

There are some rises and falls this week, which suggests that that not all teams…

Latest MERIT 2020 Teams

  • SNCeamless Atkinstruction Ltd
  • Design ID Infrastructure
    Design ID
  • Design ID Structures
    Design ID
  • Design ID London
    Design ID
  • Transportastics

Latest CIOB GSC Teams

  • Massey 5
    Massey University
  • Massey 4
    Massey University
  • Massey 3
    Massey University
  • Massey 2
    Massey University
  • The Risers
    Massey University


The leading WEB-based training vehicle - used by companies for in-house games, Universities for dedicated modules, as well as the annual international game


In use as the International Construction Business game with the Institution of CIvil Engineers since 1988


Over 20,000 young engineers have been trained by MERIT - enabling UK construction to remain competitive

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The MERIT Support Team

Professor Ronald McCaffer FREng FRSE

Originator of MERIT

Emeritus Professor of Construction Management, Loughborough University

Professor Tony Thorpe

Professor in Construction IT, Loughborough University

Dr Francis Edum-Fotwe

Promotes MERIT in postgraduate teaching

Loughborough University

Jonathan Higgins

MERIT Game controller

Provides IT support to MERIT and is owner of Jopizale Ltd

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