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Trialling ends on the submission date/time of the Round 1 / Period 5 data file for your particular MERIT game.

For 2023 games we have set the maximum number of Trials per team to 25. This is because all Trials are processed and reviewed manually by the Game Controller.

There is also an hourly limit so that the Controller doesn't get swamped.

Trialling only happens in Period 5. Period 6 data files are only released so that you can review your Period 5 decisions. By locking you to Period 5, you can see how different decisions affect your virtual company.

Yes, any member of the team can send in a trial, and we actively encourage it so that all team members gain the most they can out of the MERIT experience.

During Trialling, the Feedback sent out has a level associated to it that is determined by the controller. The levels are as follows:

  • Some major problems
  • Some room for improvement
  • Not a bad attempt
  • A good attempt
  • An excellent attempt

There is no age limit.

No, you don't have to be, but if you are, MERIT participation can be used towards any CPD requirements you may have.

Yes. Just let us know who's being added or changed, along with their email address, and we'll change the details on the system for you.

Thank you for registering!

If you haven't alrady done so, please complete the Team Details form (an email will have been sent to you with a direct link).

Once we've received the completed Team Details form, we'll check that we have the info we need to enter your team into the MERIT system.

The team should then receive an email detailing your login and password for the MERIT web site.

Login to the web site, download and install the Team Module software, and get trialling!

It can take up to 24 hours for your details to be entered in the MERIT systems and your login details released.

If you've not received them after 24 hours, please contact us

We recommend that teams have a minimum of three, and maximum of four members.

The Round 1 / Period 5 data file for your MERIT game is typically released 1 week before its submission date.

In order to play MERIT, you need a computer or tablet that can connect to the internet.

The Team Module Software used to enter your decisions will run in any up to date web browser.
The preferred option is Chrome.

While the software will run on a phone's web browser, the screen is not thought to be a practical size.

The Team Module software is now browser based. You can gain access to it by logging into the MERIT website (if you've been sent your game log in details).

Since 2017, the Team Module software has moved to an online version that runs inside most modern web browsers.

As such, 2017+ games are not able to run on any previous version of the software that had to be downloaded.

There's a timing issue that we are trying to resolve with the initial creation of data files. If you keep 'Refreshing' the page, it should eventually 'work'. Sometimes holding down 'Shift' or 'Ctrl' while 'refreshing' works quicker, as its calling for the software to be refreshed from the MERIT servers, rather than just the data file.

The cost per team for MERIT 2023 is £400 (+VAT*)(* VAT would not apply to companies outside the UK)

We can accept payment online by Credit/Debit card, or via Bank transfer or Cheque. We can also accept payment via PayPal . Please contact us if you want more details.

All our accounts information that you might need to raise a Purchase Order number can be found at the bottom of the main Registration page. If you need more specific information, please do contact us.

We can accept payment by Credit/Debit card via Stripe's online card payment system. The option to pay this way is presented when you Register.

We can also accept payment via PayPal. Please Contact Us if you'd like to pay this way.

We provide a full money back guarantee minus a small administration charge if, before you submit your first round data of your MERIT game, you decide that MERIT is not the game for you. Requests for refunds after a first round data submission will be given at the discretion of Construction Industry Simulations Ltd.

If you send the PO number through to us along with confirmation of the name, email and address of where that invoice should be sent, we will sort it all out for you.