calm before storm

Given that the top four last time were tightly bunched then changes in ranking are not surprising.

'TaskForce 141' of GCU rise from fourth to first and 'Chai Dragons' of Manchester rise from third to second. 'Prasinos Aegis' of Manchester slip from first to third and 'SWOLE' of NUS slip from second to fourth. But this isn't much more than a gentle shuffle. Taskforce 141 in first place have 1743 points and Prasinos Aegis in third have 1675 points. This is only 68 points and can easily be overtaken in a single round. SWOLE in fourth have 1592 points 151 points behind the leader, not a huge amount so the top four are still close to each other.

If any team is going to breakaway from the pack, now may be the time for a serious review of strategy to determine how to improve your ranking. Check your decision making. Does every team member contribute to the discussion. Teamwork ensures that the issues around each decision are explored and understood and that the team reaches the optimum decision.

Although the top four are close, external forces may drive the changes. The market could well tighten. Teams that have won jobs with low bids, or even losing bids, will see the effects ripple through their accounts. Their scores will not rise as before, and some might even fall. This may be happening already, and may explain why some teams have slipped.

These first three rounds has seen the performance of the top teams being broadly similar. Will this sustain or are we watching a calm before the storm.


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