press pause

With percentage improvements generally down, its now time for a rest as the Early phase concludes.

'Chai Dragons', Manchester and 'SWOLE' NUS both hold onto their positions of first and second while 'Prasinos Aegis', Manchester rise one place to third as 'Task Force 141', GCU slip to fourth. It's Task Force 141's poor performance this round that let 'Prasinos Aegis' get ahead. Whatever 'Task Force 141' tried it clearly didn't work so their tactic in round ten could be described as foolhardy!

Now its time for the Final phase where we reset the scores and maybe tweak a setting or two!

Starting with two Early Year rounds, just like the early phase, the game will transfer into the Final Years. The four rounds of Final Years are much more competitive as each team will be competing against all the other teams and the simulation for work and project managers, and they'll have less time to make decisions.

For now the teams need to pause and take stock, the Final phase is just around the corner.


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