Of the top four last round, 'Chai Dragons' of Manchester retain their second place with a points improvement of 20%.

'SWOLE' of NUS rise to first place from fourth with a points improvement of 30%. 'TaskForce 141' of GCU fall from first to third with a points improvement of 13% and 'Prasinos Aegis' of Manchester slip one place to fourth also with a points improvement of 13%.

'Chai Dragons' are only 11 points, about half a percent, behind SWOLE, TaskForce 141 are 108 point off the leader, just over 5% and Prasinos Aegis are 180 point off the lead, just under 9%.

With just two rounds left to go, given the scale of improvements in one round the scores are very close and well able to be overtaken. The juggling of positions indicates how close this is.

This is a stage when those trying to catch up start taking more risky decisions, if they succeed they congratulate themselves, but risk means it can easily go the other way.

Careful judgement is needed so as not to get stung.


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