MUT2024 champions

'GMWP Ltd' from the University of Leeds have fought off tough competition to become the MERIT University Tournament 2024 Champions.

They dug in and held on, achieving the win, even though their share price was only 0.15, ranking them fourth in the share price list. They were sixth in the final round of the Early Years Phase and clearly coped well with the increased competition of the final.

Coming second were SWOLE (National University of Singapore). Consistent throughtout the game, and top in share price with 0.22 at the end of the game.

Third Chai Dragons (University of Manchester). Holding the lead coming into and for much of the Final, their strategy did not quite cope with the increased competition of the Final Years. Fourth were Prasinos Aegis ( Uni of Manchester) , third in the Final Round of the Early Phase. Fifth were Task Force 141 ( Glasgow Cal. Uni). GCU were last years winners but fell well behind in the final rounds.

William Martin, Conáran Patton, Riku Gega and Anton Whitehead the team members of the winning team 'GMWP Ltd', share the £2000 cash prize.

Congratulations to all the Finalists, and all those that took part in the MERIT University Tournament 2024.


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