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After eight rounds, the Early Years of MERIT 2020 draws to a close with 'Spectre' from Atkins India leading the way. 'AWWinners', KBR, stretched themselves from fourth into second place, and 'AEC', Andun Engineering Consultants Ltd, dropped two to fifth. With the other places in the top six all taken up by Atkins India ('FALCONS RELOADED', 'ABHYUDAY', and 'TESSERACT') it is no wonder that they take the Sponsor Award for the fifth consecutive year.

The league table for the Sponsor Award competition looks like this:

1 Atkins India 3,721
2 KBR 3,245
3 Atkins UK 2,445
4 Fluor 2,171
5 Ove Arup 2,131
6 Design ID 1,972
7 Mott MacDonald 1,245


As the Final is being held online this year due to the global situation, and with only two teams per sponsor allowed to compete in the Final, the Teams that will be invited to compete are:

Spectre Atkins India
AWWinners KBR
AEC Andun Engineering Consultants Ltd
Zero Calm KBR
Sparkles Atkins China Limited


We congratulate the top teams, but we are also aware of the long hours and effort that has gone into the performance of teams right across the board. Sometimes getting ahead of just one other team, with whom you have battled all the way, is a satisfying victory. The internal competition between teams has been fantastic with different teams advancing, only to be overhauled by another team later.

For all the teams that competed, we salute you!

We recognise the effort that you have made we hope that you found it a learning experience. Last year’s ICE President was a MERIT graduate and acknowledges MERIT as an experience that set him on his way. We hope it motivates you too, and guides you in choosing training and other development experiences.

You’ve been thinking like a Director, acting like a Director now with some years of good experience, training and development become a Director.


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