It's no change at the top this week despite the feverish activity that is obviously going on in offices all over the world. The top 5 teams remain the same with 'Westworld' making a re-appearance in 6th place. However the star performers this week are 'Fluor MERITocrats' rising an impressive 28% to sit just outside of the top places.

So what do you need to be doing to move up in the rankings? How do you enact your strategy to make a difference?

In these early rounds you should be keenly aware of the market level that will produce winning bids. If you have no work to progress its impossible to make money! However win work at the wrong price and you could be losing money. Compromises and judgements in the projects to bid for and the tender values will always need to be made - and this is where your team's internal structure really comes in to play. Do you have the right structure? Do you have specific individuals charged with making the decisions or are they all a 'board' decision? How do you manage and allocate your time?

Currently a key decision for you is the 'Marketing Budget'. Does your Company invest heavily in marketing to generate bidding opportunities ( which may or may not lead to winning work) or do you manage your overheads more prudently reducing cost?

A key metric to watch is the turnover to capital ratio. Is your capital working hard enough? Should it be supporting a higher turnover - ie you have spare 'capacity'. If so then you should find better things to do with it.

So many balls in the air - and so little time to learn how to juggle.

Name of the week goes to the Morgan Sindall team 'The Wolf of Corporation Street'


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