chess opening moveFollowing the trialling period the MERIT University Tournament 2024 has begun and the first round results are in.

Initial strong openings have placed 'SWOLE' of the National University of Singapore first very closely followed by Glasgow Caledonian's 'TASKFORCE 141' only 15 points between them.

Only a little behind are University of Manchester's 'Prasinos Aegis' and 'Chai Dragons' and University of Minnesota's 'GopherDigs'. LEEDs' 'GMWP Ltd' are a bit further off the pace. But Minnesota's 'GoldyBuilt' and Manchester's 'Makka Pakka' have work to do with the lowest improvements.

The teams with the clearest strategy tend to do better so the teams with the weakest performance need to review their strategy.

The results from the first round are not good predictors of the eventual outcome given the turbulence that will develop but a good start is always helpful. In these early rounds teams are working out the market level that will produce winning bids. Do they invest heavily in marketing to generate many bidding opportunities or do they manage their overheads more carefully? Such is the balanced judgement that is needed on many decisions.

Good luck to all teams. May your gambit produce the endgame that makes you the MERIT University Tournament 2024 Champions!


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