2023 MERIT champions predicably irrationals

'Predictably Irrational' first showed their strength in period 8 of the Early Years when they broke through to achieve first place. But they had a tussle with 'Wacky Workforce' who displaced them in periods 9 and 10. However they remained tucked in second place and their resolve showed through as they regained top spot in periods 11 and 12 demoting 'Wacky Workforce' to second place and the tussle between the two remained an ongoing one.

However the pattern was set and in the six Final rounds 'Predictably Irrational' retained their first place throughout to be crowned Champions. Not only did they retain their leading position they widened the gap against the others. 'Predictably Irrational' entered the final rounds with a lead of 200 points over 'Wacky Workforce' and ended the Final with a lead of 722 over 'TITANS' who overtook 'Wacky Workforce' to gain second place.

'Predictably Irrational' can readily be described as runaway winners. They must write up the story of their strategy and tactics in managing MERIT which have shown such success and publication of this will educate future contestants.

The placings in the Final round are shown in the diagram below.

merit2023 p18 results merit2023 p18 Share

The winner in the Sponsors Award, measured by the companies with the three teams entered were: AtkinsRealis India, followed by COWI, Mott Macdonald and Binnies UK.

MERIT 2023 was the 33rd time the competition has run strongly supported since its inception in 1988 by the Institution of Civil Engineers MERIT has a strong record of providing initial training in business, company and financial management in a construction context. MERIT also develops teamworking skills and leadership skills which serve the participants throughout their careers. Having given the participants a simulated insight into decision making at the senior management level MERIT influences choices in future development and training as participants career ambitions have been heightened.


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