The top six are now the top seven as 'SPARTANS' and 'Ozzy' both rank equal in sixth place. 'SPARTANS' retained their sixth place with an improvement of 7% whereas 'Ozzy' dropped from third place to sixth equal with a -2% improvement. What decisions did 'Ozzy' take to drop or did they make a mistake in the entry, it has happened before!

Positions one and two swap places with 'Wacky workforce' rising to first from second and 'Predictably Irrationals' dropping from first to second their improvements were 14% and 10%.

'Lounge 4' are up by one place in third with 7% improvement. 'TITANS' also rise one place to fourth with 10% improvement.

'Team 1' back in the top six rising two places to fifth with 11% improvement.

'Master Minds' hold their place rising one to 11th with 11% improvement but 'Hacksaw' look the best performer rising from twenty fourth to sixteenth also with 11% improvement.

So there is still scope to catch the lower orders of the top six.

Its time for the chasers to chase hard. Take risks that, if they payoff, will catapult you up the league table. Of course with risks there is always the prospect that it will go the other way!

As the end comes in sight, the leaders start to get nervous enough to try to defend their position and their decisions start to become more cautious and less rewarding. Was this what happened to 'Ozzy'? This gives the opportunity for the followers to catch them.

But never the less, whether you're chasing or defending, the rigour of decision making must remain. The Team Leader needs to ensure that their team members all contribute, that they understand the consequences of the decisions they are proposing, and that the decisions are fully discussed. Disciplined decision making, teamwork and leadership becomes even more important when judging greater risks.

Also don't forget the shareholders. They own the company and are looking for their share of profits – low dividends will have a negative impact on share value. It's tempting to use the funds for dividends to bolster the company's other activities (marketing for example) but it's no time to abandon the shareholders in the pursuit.


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