dip in the road

The overall performance of the top six has dipped from around 20% last period, to a range of 8% to 17%. This is caused by the restrictions of winning work and then having to deliver it. So early success can dampen future performance as different decisions are needed and may be more restricted. This could well test the leading teams, 'Lounge4', 'Ozzy' and Predictable Irrationals, as well as 'Wacky Workforce' who move up one place to 4, 'Spartans' to 5 and 'Team 1' that slip to sixth.

There is some movement below that. 'KAPtains' move up three places, 'KENT' move up two places and 'TeMERITty' move up seven places. This has been achieved by improvements in performance of 22%,20% and 22%. So it is clear that get the right decisions, improve performance and advance.

What the middle ranking teams are looking for is a differential performance level over and above those in front of them. It can be done.

Now may be the time to review your strategy. Discuss what you’re trying to achieve and how you might achieve it. Make sure all the team contribute to these discussions as the understanding of how to progress is locked in the minds of all the team members. This is the job of the team leader. Each team member needs to remember that it is team success that scores, so arguing your own view will may need tempering with the views of others. The team leader needs to get the thoughts out for discussion.

MERIT develops both leadership and teamwork. These soft skills last and benefit many aspects of your career development. Now is the time to practice them. These skills, in the long term, could take you all the way to the top. In the short term you could rise out of the dip!


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