In the penultimate round of MERIT 2022, it seems that the majority of teams have either plateaued or seen a score reduction. Bucking that trend is 'OVEngers' (ARUP) who have managed, with a 12% improvement, to close the gap to the leaders 'MisFits' (Atkins, India) to just 51 points. Meanwhile 'Team 2' and 'Team 1' (Andun Engineering Consultants Ltd) are both holding steady in third and fourth, while 'District Line' (TfL) swap their position with 'NASA' (Atkins, India) to close out the top six.

With just one round left to go, the competition for the top six is as hot as its ever been. The top three are looking good but its too soon to be confident. The other places are still being fought for.

With many teams outside the top six brandishing sharp decisions, will they be able to inflate their position, or will they go 'Pop'.


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