tortoisesThe teams hot off their marks are still striving forward after Period 6, while other teams are rising and falling in the rankings as they develop their strategy. Do you go for slow and steady, or surge to the front, only to falter. This is the question that hangs over the leading teams.

Just 305 points separate the top six with 'Four Strings' from Atkins India hold on to their leading position. 'Venus' from Atkins India rise to second from fifth, 'AECLtd' from Aundun stay at third place, 'Business Gurus' from Atkins India rise to fourth from sixth, 'Standing Ove-tion' from Arup slip to fifth from second and 'ABYUDHAY' from Atkins India slip to sixth from fourth.

With only 311 points then separating the next eleven teams from the leaders, will the tortoises overtake the hares?


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