Phew…. after 8 rounds of intense competition the results are finally in. With a storming run “The Avengers” have led from the front all the way to the finish line amassing an impressive 4450 points on the way. Only once before in the history of the competition has one team led all the way – Arup back in 2012.

This competition has been notable for a different reason – the teams from Atkins India - who have secured 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th places! No prizes for guessing who has won the sponsors prize this year. The internal competition between these teams has been fantastic with different teams popping to the front, only to be overhauled by another team later. However once Panchatantra found the front they have managed to keep the following pack behind them.

The league table for the Sponsor Award competition looks like this: 

1 Atkins, IN 4,043
2 Fluor 2,903
3 Kier 2,876
4 Atkins, UK 2,787
5 Arup 2,694
6 AECOM 2,616
7 Jacobs 2,352

Whilst we congratulate the top teams we are also aware of the long hours and effort that has gone into the performance of teams right across the board. Sometimes getting ahead of  just one other team, with whom you have battled all the way, is a satisfying victory – for all the teams that competed, we salute you!

We hope you have enjoyed the experience of MERIT and follow the final that will be held at Loughborough on the 30th and 31st May. Next year – it could be you!


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