door knock

The strangle hold of the top placings continues, as 'the Avengers' from KBR/PWAQ still lead the way, with Atkins, India rotating their teams to hold out the opposition. 'Tenacious DMag' from Davies Maguire are knocking on the door again, but it looks like nobody wants to answer.

The end of this first part of the competition is on the horizon and if you are not where you want to be, this is probably the last time to have a serious discussion on your strategy and to modify it accordingly. For some only minor tweaks will be required - for others a total overhaul may be needed. Maybe it's time to take those decisions that earlier you might have considered as too risky. This is when your leadership and disciplined decision making should show its value. Teams can greatly improve their ranking in these last three rounds. It takes reason to recognise that your strategy isn’t working as well as it should and it takes courage to change your strategy mid-flight.

Having won a full work-load some teams will now be concentrating on project delivery and value management. Issues to consider here include matching accurately the project manager’s experience and skills to the project and having an appropriate cohort of measurement staff to help you recover the costs of the project, improving your cash position. Careful management of overheads is also required.

Yes, there are many variables and they all interact which is why disciplined decision making is required even more than ever.

Name of the week goes to 'Curds & Whey' from Milk Architecture & Design Ltd. They are also clearly not sitting on their tuffet as they have improved a whopping 32%.


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