• Over 20,000 young engineers have been trained in company and financial management through the MERIT experience.

  • For 20 years MERIT has serviced an important training need as is evidenced by extensive support and sponsorship from industry.

  • Through simulation MERIT creates a realistic, challenging and stimulating training environment which is greatly enjoyed by the participants.

  • The MERIT experience expands the horizons of the young engineers and encourages further study.

  • Supported by its own full-time staff MERIT is continually updated maintaining it as a modern and evolving training vehicle.

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MERIT 2012 Champions - IMF (Impossible Mission Force)


MERIT is an acronym for Management, Enterprise, Risk, Innovation and Teamwork and is a WEB based computer simulation that allows participants operating in groups of up to six, acting as a board of directors and managers, to manage their own construction company competing initially against the simulation and in final rounds against the other teams.


MERIT provides experience of and training in:MERIT2011 salver2

  • company and financial management
  • issues of competition not only for work but also staff.
  • The role of the young engineers technical work and its contribution to commercial operations
  • Understanding the whole construction process