(Teams with a zero score have been asked to re-submit due to errors with their original decisions)

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1S04 Group5Deakin University1843
2S03 Group 3Deakin University1797
3S03 Group 5Deakin University1790
4RUSCOW ManagementDeakin University1713
5S02Group 6Deakin University1704
6S01 Group7Deakin University1662
7S04 Group 7Deakin University1639
8GROUP 6Deakin University1624
9S02G01Deakin University1621
10SOO2 GROUP 2Deakin University1592
11S01 GROUP5Deakin University1570
12S02 Group 3Deakin University1563
13S02Group4 Deakin University1548
14DeadpoolDeakin University1540
15S01 GROUP3Deakin University1540
16S03 Group 2Deakin University1457
17S01GRP4Deakin University1422
18S02 Group 7Deakin University1407
19S04Group 1Deakin University1386
20S02 Group 8Deakin University1358
21S04 Group 8Deakin University1309
22S04 Group 3Deakin University1280
23CivilExDeakin University1254
24S01 Group 8Deakin University1170
25SO2Group 5Deakin University1137
26S04 Group 9Deakin University1107
27S03 Group 7Deakin University981
28S01 Group 2Deakin University981
29S03 Group 6Deakin University954
30S04 Group 2Deakin University860
31SKY CONSTRUCTIONSDeakin University832