The following links are tables giving the usage statistics of MERIT for 2000 to 2019, this shows that there have been 21,237 participants in MERIT in that time, 14,808 coming from the International Game, 6,429 from University students and from commercial organisations.

Data from the early years prior to 2000 is not recorded in the same detail but as the same staff were overseeing MERIT in these years informed estimates can be made with a high confidence. These estimates indicate participation in the years prior to 2000 to be greater than 10,000 giving a total number of participants approaching 31,300.

Participation from the International Game 2000-2019

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YearGameTime FrameNo. of TeamsNo. of SponsorsNo. of Players
2019MERIT 2019Feb to May 20199437513
2018MERIT 2018Feb to May 201810738576
2017MERIT 2017Feb to May 201712943671
2016MERIT 2016Feb to May 201611832656
2015MERIT 2015Jan to Apr 201512041656
2014MERIT 2014Jan to Apr 20148832495
2013MERIT 2013Jan to Apr 20138934516
2012MERIT 2012Jan to Apr 20125230292
2011MERIT 2011 CompetitionFeb to April 20113620195
2009Merit 2009 CompetitionFeb to April 2009182511017
2008Merit 2008 CompetitionFeb to April 2008220581202
2007Merit 2007 CompetitionFeb to April 2007275671512
2006Merit 2006 CompetitionFeb to April 2006228661234
2005Merit 2005 CompetitionFeb to April 200517855965
2004Merit 2004 CompetitionFeb to April 200417862978
2003Merit 2003 CompetitionFeb to April 200316354891
2002Merit 2002 CompetitionFeb to April 200216562884
2001Merit 2001 CompetitionFeb to April 200113968728
2000Merit 2000 CompetitionFeb to April 200014870827
 No. of TeamsNo. of SponsorsNo. of Players

Participation from Universities and other competitions 2000-2019


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YearGameTime FrameNo. of TeamsNo. of SponsorsNo. of Players
2019Glasgow Caledonian UniversityNov 2019 to Feb 202010136
2019George Brown CollegeOct to Dec 201924194
2019South Africa ICEJul to Oct 20198644
2019Deakin University (Trimester 2)Jul to Sep 201915182
2019Deakin University (Trimester 1)Mar to May 201917193
2019Loughborough UniversityMar to May 201921182
2019Anglia Ruskin UniversityFeb to Apr 201910146
2019CIOB Global Student Challenge 2019Feb to May 20193821150
2018Deakin University (Trimester 3)Nov 2018 to Jan 20199136
2018Glasgow Caledonian UniversityNov 2018 to Feb 201912146
2018CEPT UniversityAug to Oct 20189153
2018Deakin University (Trimester 2)Jul to Sep 201810160
2018Deakin University (Trimester 1)Mar to May 20189150
2018Loughborough UniversityMar to May 201818169
2018George Brown CollegeFeb to Apr 2018411167
2018Anglia Ruskin UniversityFeb to Apr 20187137
2018CIOB Global Student Challenge 2018Feb to May 20186023238
2017Deakin University (Trimester 3)Nov 2017 to Jan 20183110
2017Glasgow Caledonian UniversityNov 2017 to Feb 20188131
2017Oxford Brookes UniversitySep to Nov 201712149
2017Deakin UniversitySep to Oct 20178132
2017Anglia Ruskin UniversityFeb to Apr 20177142
2017Nottingham Trent UniversityFeb to Mar 20176127
2017Loughborough UniversityMar to May 2017241107
2017CIOB Global Student Challenge 2017Feb to May 20174323172
2016Glasgow Caledonian UniversityNov 2016 to Feb 20177126
2016Oxford Brookes UniversitySep to Dec 20169135
2016CIOB Global Student ChallengeFeb to May 20163923156
2016Loughborough UniversityMar to May 201619180
2015Glasgow Caledonian UniversityNov 2015 to Feb 20166121
2015Oxford Brookes UniversitySep to Dec 20159138
2015CIOB Global Student ChallengeJan to Apr 20153715148
2015Loughborough University Undergraduate CompetitionMar to May 201519181
2014Glasgow Caledonian UniversityNov 2014 to Feb 20155119
2014Loughborough University Undergraduate CompetitionMar to May 201417170
2014MERIT 2014 - Aurecon FinalMay 201410160
2014CIOB Global Student ChallengeJan to Apr 2014221588
2014Amey Graduate ConferenceApr 2014211110
2013Glasgow Caledonian UniversityNov 2013 to Feb 201412145
2013Loughborough University Undergraduate CompetitionMar to May 2013221104
2013MERIT 2013 - Aurecon FinalApr 201310160
2012Glasgow Caledonian UniversityNov 2012 to Feb 20139131
2012Loughborough University Undergraduate CompetitionMar to May 2012191101
2012Waterford Institue of TechnologyFeb to Apr 20125116
2011Glasgow Caledonian UniversityNov 2011 to Feb 20126118
2011Loughborough University Undergraduate CompetitionFeb to May 201118196
2009Aberdeen University CompetitionFeb to May 099151
2009Canterbury/Auckland University CompetitionMar to May 09582306
2009Loughborough University Undergraduate CompetitionFeb to May 09151104
2008Canterbury/Auckland University CompetitionFeb to May 08552297
2008Aberdeen University CompetitionFeb to May 0810162
2008Loughborough University Undergraduate CompetitionFeb to May 08181130
2008Loughborough University Post-Graduate CompetitionOct to Dec 0815162
2008MACE CompetitionJuly 24/25 089155
2008Melbourne University CompetitionAug to Oct 0813160
2008Waterford Institue of Technology CompetitionNov 08 to May 099140
2007Canterbury/Auckland University CompetitionFeb to May 07512258
2007Loughborough University Undergraduate CompetitionFeb to May 0715199
2007Aberdeen University CompetitionFeb to May 0712170
2007MACE CompetitionJuly 26/27 079150
2007Melbourne University CompetitionAug to Oct 077140
2007Waterford Institue of Technology CompetitionOct 07 to May 085115
2007Loughborough University Post-Graduate CompetitionOct to Dec 0711132
2006Aberdeen University CompetitionFeb to May 0610157
2006Loughborough University Competition (CVB030)Feb to May 0614183
2006MACE CompetitionJuly 20/21 066133
2006Melbourne University CompetitionAug to Oct 0611151
2006Canterbury/Auckland University CompetitionFeb to May 06442230
2006Loughborough University Post-Graduate CompetitionOct to Dec 0612144
2006Waterford Institue of Technology CompetitionNov 06 to May 075112
2005Aberdeen University CompetitionFeb to May 058141
2005Canterbury/Auckland University CompetitionAug to Oct 2005202100
2005Loughborough University Competition (CVB030)Feb to May 0516196
2005Melbourne University CompetitionAug to Oct 0511153
2005Waterford Institue of Technology CompetitionNov 05 to May 06419
2004Aberdeen University CompetitionFeb to May 045127
2004Canterbury/Auckland University CompetitionAug to Oct 04232113
2004Loughborough University Competition (CVB030)Feb to May 0413176
2004Melbourne University CompetitionAug to Oct 0410148
2003Aberdeen University CompetitionMarch to May 036131
2003Canterbury/Auckland University CompetitionAug to Sep 03252121
2003Loughborough University Competition (CVB030 A)Feb to April 036136
2003Loughborough University Competition (CVB030 B)Feb to April 035129
2003Newcastle University Semester 1 CompetitionFeb to May 0313169
2003Newcastle/Melbourne University CompetitionAug to Nov 0311235
2002Canterbury University CompetitionAug to Oct 0211148
 No. of TeamsNo. of SponsorsNo. of Players

Total number of participants

Participants from International game2000-201914808
Participants in other games2000-20196429
Total Participants2000-201921237
Participants1988-200010000 (estimated)
Grand Total31237

Sponsors of the International game from 2000-2019

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SponsorNo. of TeamsNo. of Players
*** None ***1044
2020 Liverpool211
4way Consulting Ltd16
A-one Integrated Highway Services12
Aarsleff Ground Engineering16
Abbey Pynford212
Aberdeen City Council16
Aberdeen University61341
ABS Consulting15
Africon Engineering634
Aggregate Industries15
Aker Solutions847
Alfred McAlpine29
Amec Foster Wheeler1160
Anglian Water29
Aspen Burrow Crocker14
Atkins China1484
Atkins/Birmingham City Council16
Auckland University (NZ)145771
Bachy Soletanche530
Baker Hicks Ltd29
Balfour Beatty64330
Balfour Beatty Vinci JV28
Bam Nuttall29
Barhale Construction318
Bierrum and Partners16
Black & Veatch29158
Boreham Consulting Engineers318
BSCP Ltd15
Buckinghamshire County Council212
Building Design Partnership212
Bullen Consultants736
Burks Green318
Buro Happold19145
BWB Consulting211
Byrne Looby Partners210
Caerphilly County Borough Council845
Calibre Global741
Cambridge University Geotechnical Group16
Cameron & Ross16
Cameron Taylor1258
Campbell Reith Consulting Engineers952
Canterbury University (NZ)142702
Capita Property & Infrastructure424
Capita Symonds1269
Caunton Engineering Limited16
Cavendish Nuclear212
Cementation Skanska16
Ceredigion County Council16
Chicago Bridge & Iron (CB&I)316
China Harbour Engineering Company Ltd16
CMW Geosciences14
Colas Ltd16
Colin Buchanan16
CORMAC Solutions Ltd316
Cornwall County Council315
Costain & Haswell Consulting Engineers15
Costain Mouchel210
Costain Taylor Woodrow16
Costain, Mouchel Parkman, Yorkshire Water16
Costain, O'Rourke, Bachy, Corber JV14
Cyril Sweet16
Davies Maguire420
Deakin University16
Dean & Dyball29
Department of Engineering# Guernsey16
Devon County Council16
Donaldson Associates1583
Doran Consulting422
Dorman Long Technology14
Dundee University16
EA Partners Plc15
Earth Tech Engineering14
Edge Consultants423
Edmund Nuttall16
Ellis & Moore LLP316
EM Highway Services314
Environment Agency630
EQE International16
Eurovia Group Ltd210
Euston Alliance16
Evolve Consulting Engineers210
EWR Alliance15
Expedition Engineering Ltd13
Faithful & Gould211
Ferguson McIlveen212
Fitzpatrick Contractors1797
Flint and Neil Ltd417
FM Conway16
Furness Partnership16
Galliford Try16
Gammon Construction736
Geoffrey Osborne315
Glanville Consultants210
Golder Associates211
Guildford Borough Council27
Gwent Consultancy15
Hampshire County Council16
Hannah Reed212
Haswell Consulting Engineers418
Heriot Watt University13
Hewson Consulting Engineers Ltd315
Highways England316
Highways North Yorkshire317
HSEC Ltd15
Hungarian Chamber of Engineers14
Hyder Consulting54300
Interserve Construction731
Interserve Project Services211
Ionik Consulting16
Ironside Farrar15
IT Carlow416
J Murphy & Sons Ltd28
Jackson Civil Engineering16
Jenkins & Potter16
JMP Consultants316
John Mowlem529
Joynes Pike and Associates14
KBR / Public Works Authority Qatar16
Kirk McClure Morton318
KWA Consulting Engineers13
Lagan Construction16
Laing O'Rourke1371
Leeds University419
Lewin, Fryer and Partners14
Lincolnshire County Council/Jacobs15
London Underground16
Loughborough University141887
Mabey and Johnson16
May Gurney948
Mayer Brown210
McAdam Design16
McKean & Company14
McLay Collier & Partners15
Melbourne University (AUS)57272
Mersey Docks & Harbour Company27
Metro Construction16
Milk Architecture & Design Ltd313
Millard Consulting212
Miller Civil Engineering421
MLM Consulting Engineers212
Monson & Locks14
Morgan Est423
Morgan Sindall210
Morris & Spottiswood212
Mott Macdonald160875
Mott Macdonald Bentley14
MTR Corporation Ltd424
Mulholland & Doherty Consulting210
Multiplex Construction Europe12
MW Kellogg1054
NCL Stewart Scott24
Network Contracting Services211
Network Rail211
Newcastle University (AUS)1984
Northern Gateway Alliance16
Optima Infrastructure Management211
OST Energy Ltd16
Owen Williams951
Parsons International16
Pavement Team (BAA/AMEC)16
PB Kennedy & Donkin212
Pell Frischmann29161
Peter Brett Associates634
PFA Consulting524
PFS Consulting15
Pick Everard1051
Pinnacle Consulting Engineers316
Rail Structures Midlands16
Royal Haskoning1051
Royal Haskoning DHV16
RPS Consulting Engineers210
RPS Kirk McClure Morton15
Scotland Transerv16
Scott Wilson45242
Scottish Water Solutions16
Sefton MBC211
Serco Rail Maintenance16
Severn Trent Water740
SGB Formwork212
Shoosmiths Solicitors16
Sinclair Knight Merz20109
Sir Robert McAlpine318
Sirkeciler Insaat16
Skanska Balfour Beatty JV210
SNC Lavalin210
South East Water / Jacobs Engineering210
SSS Alliance16
Staffordshire County Council16
Stirling Maynard & Partners28
Subsea 7314
Suffolk County Council424
Suttle Projects Ltd19
Symonds Group318
T A Millard Partnership317
T.YLi (Chongqing) International Engineering Technology Co. Ltd16
Taylor Woodrow948
Taylor Woodrow BAM Nuttall JV525
Thames Tideway TUnnel16
Thames Water317
The Highland Council15
Thomasons LLP419
Tonkin + Taylor15
Tony Gee & Partners1475
Torfaen CBC16
Toyota Motor Manufacturing & Engineering14
Transport for London730
Try Accord16
TSP Projects1163
Tube Lines421
Turner & Townsend315
United Utilities16
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia421
University of Brighton16
University of Leeds318
Universiy of Manchester846
Upton McGougan212
Victoria Roads15
Walsh Associates318
Warwickshire County Council525
Waterford Institute of Technology2376
Waterman Group1055
Wates Construction16
WDR & RT Taggart530
Webb Yates Engineers13
Wessex Engineering & Construction Services1481
Westminster Dredging Company16
Wheatley Construction212
White Young Green27147
Willmott Dixon16
Woolgar Hunter16
Wrekin Construction16
WS Atkins India49278
WSP/Pell Frischmann14

MERIT Champions and Winners of Sponsors Awards

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YearTeamSponsorTeam MembersSponsor's Award (from 2002)
2019PanchatantraWS Atkins IndiaTejraj B
Sindhuani A.N
Abhilash R
Sunil DV
Janny John
WS Atkins India
2018Not That Team Akrisht Pandey
Bareth Ragesh
Diljot Kaur
Rupam Talukdar
WS Atkins India
2017P.M. KidsAtkins, ChinaChu Shu Leung
Ng Chi Wah
Wong Tan Ting
Ng Yu Ki
Chen Yan
Kwok Tsan Yeung
WS Atkins India
2016SPARTANSWS Atkins IndiaMadhavi Girigovind
Shyamsunder Agrawal
Akrist Pandey
Sandeep Bandi
Jyohita Singha
Abhishek Hanase Mogappa
WS Atkins India
2015Strike while the iron is MottMott MacDonaldKlev Reodique
Declan Corrigan
Matthew Catton
Will Jebb
Faustas Buskevicius
Sandeep Patel
Atkins Asia Pacific
2014New Lines New Minds - SynergyMTRGordon Kwok Wai Wah
Dickie Chan Siu Ho
Henry Lam Chun Wa
Ellen Wong Yee Kei
Davy Chan Ka Shing
Dave Cheung Ka Hei
Mott MacDonald
2013They think it's all OveArupBernard Travers
Michael Magnier
Coline Deplanche
James Hughes
2012IMF (Impossible Mission Force)ArupAreeb Khan
Scott Hadgkiss
Callum O'Connell
Mat Barnett
Nicola Bodman
Tom Price
2011The Blue RevolutionCostainAdam Ran Xu
Simon Bird
Duncan James
Cole Stephens
George Chou
Jonathan Han
2009Mott's Hot Shots Part Three Part DeuxMott MacdonaldMatthew Catton
Dominic McGourty
James Williamson
Dan Keeble
Bryn Hughes
2008Stop, Calibrate and ListenCalibre ProjectsPatrick Scanlon
Sharon Wong
Marco Moutinho
Bernard Wong
Irwan Mukmin
Daniel Offereins
Calibre Projects
2007Bridging The GapAtkinsChris Brock
Sammy Yi
Ken Lam
Nelson Ng
Wessex Engineering & Construction Services
2006Motts Hot Shots: Part DeuxMott MacdonaldDominic McGourty
Ashish Chandra
Peter Davies
Jon Glanville
Ian O'Grady
Noel Kay
Mott MacDonald
2005Cranes, Drains & AutomobilesCampbell Reith Consulting EngineersNeal Murphy
Paul Stansbridge
Nigel Hickman
Ryan Irvine
Samantha Howlett
Mott MacDonald
2004Network Contracting ServicesCaerphilly County Borough CouncilChris Adams
Jason Caplice
Gareth Richards
Marcus Lloyd
John Martin
Joe Williams
2003Player 1 (Default)HalcrowIan Turner
Edwin Ashcroft
Mike Wooliscroft
Steve Nicholau
Anthony Harding
Steve Hosking
2002Cymru Cabling & ConstructionBalfour Beatty Power NetworksWayne Rayner
Andrew Gilpin
Tim Finch
Justin Bevan
2001Gibb EnergyGibbRosa Diez
Ian Thomas
Alex Nikolic
Lisa Peat
Josh Harrop
Peter McCarthy
2000Aardvark ConstructionHalcrowJim McMahon
Jon Bunney
Phil Ogden
Chris Austin
1999No competition
1998No competition
1997CSC ConstructionCamarthenshire County CouncilS Rocke
P Evans
G Thomas
A Williams
G Baxter
S Jenkins
1997Costulots ConstructionGuernsey Department of EngineeringG Falla
M Polson
S Durman
N Whalley
F Millard
1996Slug Heavy IndustriesArupG Aldwinckle
J Birkbeck
I Burton
A Johncock
S Maisey
D Southworth
1996Chemins Sont NousHalcrowL Baker
R Harris
P Lillie
J Curry
1995Die Hard VDHVR Wheatley
S Prendergast
G Moore
B Cafferkey
R Wilson
1994Easy Life 2 - They're BackIndependent/Hove Borough CouncilS Beale
M Stanton
B Stride
K Sharma
C Copper
N Turner
1993Tower of Babel ConstructionNorth West WaterM P Chan
G W Winder
C J Ayres
N P Mills
T L Dempsey
P Clisham
1992Cut and PhilCementation/Mowlem/ Trafalgar HouseP Dunmore
M Paulding
W Cornish
J deWaele
P Kingston
1991Cemcaps SECementationD Kellett
M Gavins
A Parks
R Marsden
1990Sproggett and SylvesterGlasgow UniversityG Pender
D Fleming
C Berry
L Campbell
E Inglis
1989Woolwich JailbreakersWimpeyBruce Snelling
Paul Stafford
Robert Ennifer
Paul Greenwell
1988Penge PiratesMaunsell/Taylor Woodrow/RM DouglasColin Anderson
Richard Bailey
Stuart Riley
Richard Stokes
David Davidson
Russel Evans